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How to Build a Successful Law Practice Without Spending 80 Hours per Week Doing It

#1 How to have wealth on the outside AND the inside

A lot of us believe that we can't have a full life, a full weekend, and have a successful law practice. That sounds impossible. This webinar will show you the blueprint on how to get there. 

#2 An employee-mindset is not going to cut it

You'll get to level up your mindset to see how you can actually run your law practice differently.

#3 Stressors are a given, the level of stress is optional

Some will tell you, "Being a lawyer is stressful. That's just the way it is." And yet, we can learn different ways to manage the stress so we can enjoy our life more.

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April 5, 2023 @ 12:00PM PST

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Join Rachel Levine, the Lawyer's Strategist, as she walks you through a new approach to leading your solo or small firm practice.

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